Kill My Mobile

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Temptations. can anyone help me in stopping myself from clicking on zuma deluxe or solitaire or the call button on my mobile? plzzzzz. hmm tried a lot buddy but still cannot live without the weird piece of mobile. mom tried every possible way to cut short my conversations, but now thats a job of my hubby who helplessly watches me finish my calling cards. poor soul though i work hard on my assignments to be able to spend on my cards, cannot understand what is there to hang on so much over that piece. ofcourse he used to call me and talk to me hours during the romantic period between our engagement and marriage. ;) arrey yaar, now this zuma thing came in to my life making it more messy. hmm my client is grumbling for my last minute submissions. wish me luck to cut off everything and concentrate on my work...

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I dont understand why all parents want their child to be out of this country? it is them who teach to love this country, your people and do something good to your people and now when you are a graduate(if a guy), or married(if a girl) they want you to move out of this country. first of all they say to go for 3 to 5 years and then thats the end. they dont want you to come so early or you may not want to come back. then comes all these money, facilities, pollution, traffic etc etc., the list is endless. finally is it all worth losing your life in the quest of being called as an NRI?

c'mon buddy after some time you really miss your people. even your parents who are sacrificing their love for your career want you to be with them.

when you know you are missing your parents, your friends, the funfilled weddings, the lazy sundays with friends, caring your parents when they are ill, and most of all missing your own land. then why not come back.

even with horrible traffic, pollution and hectic life, your ocuntry has its best for you. its your home. its getting better day by day. if not you make it perfect. others will follow you.

after being in other country for so long, its time for us to go back. this is the opinion of most of the NRIs who are longing to go back but everytime is a next visit for them. but buddy its enough is enough for us.

Dear Home we are coming back. see you soon.

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hey those art lovers, i'm promoting my friend's art on one of the websites. plz check the site and help us promote her talent. i'd like to know the ways to promote her art through some galleries and exhibitions. if anyone know plz suggest. thank you.

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Is Life Straight?

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Is life that straight? I wonder when people suggests simple and straight ways for everything. when they know world isn't so simple. with all the complexities and changes in the situations, things doesnt happen so straight as planned earlier. this is where i get to my nerves when people argue why things dont happen as they planned. i think these people who argue that life is simple adn straight dont see life even after an odd 30 years of staying in this world. when mom and papa gets everything straight to their mouth and keeps them under their eyes all the time, then i think life looks simple and easy to handle. i believe you should see the tougher times of life and learn from it what is it to see the true core of complexities.

sometimes i feel these people see life as a theory of science where it says under ideal conditions and ideal temperatures, the so reaction will be so. these people see life under ideal conditions and then judge the situation and others. but buddy life isn't an experiment in the books. just come in to realty and see you can see hundreds of bugs coming your way.


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Nee Kosam

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manasuna koluvai mamathala nelavai velasina devidhi ye roopam? naa kannulu chudani roopam, gudilo devatha prathiroopam, apuroopam!!

ee paata vinnappudalla naa kallallo, manasulo nindaa nindipothu antha nuvve. naa pranama, nuvvu veru nenu veru ani marchipoyinantha preminchi ee roju naalonchi naa pranam theesukuni nuvvu vellipothe nammaleka vidavaleka nenoka jeevachavame kadha. ekkadikellaav nestham? nannu vadhili undalenannaav? neeku thoduga nenunte chaalu annaav? ee prapamcham entha andhanga kanipinchindhi? nannu manishini chesi, prapamcham ante ento chupi, naaku brathakadam nerpinchi ala maayam ayipothe ela? O nesthama nuvvu dhooram ga unna nanne chusthunnanani, naaku dhaggaragaane untaanani anna neeve naaku dhooram ayithe, prathi kshanam nannu prapamcham nunchi kaachi, kaapaadukunna nuvve naa meedha kakshakadithe nenu evari dhaggariki vellanu? naa sarvasvam anukunna neeve nannu dweshisthe anthaa neeve ayina nenu nee agni lo kaalipovadam thappa ekkadiki paaripogalanu? entha dweshisthaav? entha dhooram paaripothaav? niluvella prematho nindipoyina naa manasu, sareeram, antha neeve undaga, nuvvu nannu ela dhooram chesukuntaav? naa gunde gudilo koluvu chesukunna ninnu. inkekkadiki paaripothaav? kallu moosthe nuvvu, kallu theristhe nuvvu. ila annanani nenu nee gurinchi praanaalu vadhilesthanu anukunevu, naalo ninnu pettukuni ee sareeraanni ela badhapedathaanu? ninnu hathukunna ee sareeraanni ela chaavanisthaanu. ippudu nenu nanne premisthunnanu. naa anuvanuvu nuvvu undaga naaku nene apuroopam. naaku telusu nannu kaadhani nuvvu enthakalamo undalevu. ee nelalu, samvathsaraaluga, maarina kuda yedho oka roju nuvvu naa premaku karigi kanneerai nannu vethukkuntu vasthavu. endhukante, nestham ee prapancham chala chinnadhi. ninnu nannu eppatiki dhooram cheyagalige sakthi dheeniki ledhu. inka neeventha? naa pranama, anukshanam naa anuvanuvulo nindi, naatho kalisi naa premalo mamekamaipothunna neekosam, nenu thappu cheyaledhani, ninnu eppatiki premisthune untaanani nuvvu oppukune roju kosam edhuru chusthu nee RM.

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